Monday, June 2, 2008

The Plans

So I met Aaron and Calder Wilson (of Studio Dionisi) one night at the Rocket Club, and had a brief chat about a house I wanted to build.  Them being architects and me being a structural engineer, we had plenty to talk about.

Once I sealed the deal on the land, the three of us had lunch.  Aaron and Calder were really excited about the prospect of a small house, these things just don't get built or designed all that often. About four days later, they sent me floor plans and renderings.  I was wowed!


David said...
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Benjamin said...

Uncle Chris,

If I didn't have to be in the car so long, I would come see you this summer. Unfortunately, I don't like being strapped in for long drives (ask Jordan about last summer). So, we will have to see it all through the blog!

I think you rock for doing this.