Monday, October 20, 2008

Something Concrete

On the coldest day of the fall, my guys decided to pour the concrete slab in the basement.
And grout the cells in the masonry walls.

Yes, I do have some beautiful trees behind my house.

Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of the drunk toothless neighbor from down the street who threatened to blow up my house for hiring illegal mexicans to build it.

Luckily, after thirty minutes of me explaining to him that 'Melrose' and 'Higgins' aren't common Hispanic surnames and several USA chants, we shook hands and he offered to paint my house.

GBA y'all


tiburon said...


We need to discuss this today.

Laradactyl said...

Amazing! I'm so glad I found this. I'm going to keep an eye on your progress!


Gunderson said...

I wonder if you neighbor would've come around faster if you'd just kept repeating "I understand freedom isn't free." Ha!